obama, the internet and the world at large...

Posted by Rob Johnson ((Music))

yo whatsup?

Long time no update. Blame that beta version of internet explorer 8 I wish I'd never gone near... (credit crunch = no apple mac attack, for now...)

Anyways, internet people are a strange breed, and by internet people I mean those that frequent certain forums - and "critique" everything that comes their way. Their dedication is inspiring, the words are not. "all press is good press kids..." TMc.


So quit your monkeying around, any talk is better than no talk. I think.

Watching Obama today has inspired me to (try) and write more. The man is incredible, the biggest draw on planet earth right now, and I hope he can keep it up. LEGENDS are made and we are witnessing history every day. 





My album is nearing completion every so slightly every day. I'm sorry it has taken so long (if there is anyone who may be waiting for it...). We're still trying to make it as good as possible. I'll write more closer to when people will actually be able to hear it. HOWEVER, there will be updates, images, sounds, and videos in the not too distant future somewhere down the pipeline of mystery.

The end is near, soon...

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