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"As idle as a painted ship... Upon a painted ocean."

“Upon A Painted Ocean” – is guitarist Rob Johnson’s [Forward Is The Farewell] attempt to create a new ‘Tubular Bells’ - esque instrumental record for a new generation. The album (which is currently being recorded and nearing completion) is a deluxe soundscape comprising of 15 tracks creating the soundtrack to a film within your imaginarium.

An epic, atmospheric and tonal piece, the album is wrought with feeling in which the differing songs become the characters that you choose to create as the songs become scenes to the movie in your head. Meanwhile, the record has a tone that attempts to install various feelings and emotions within the listener - albeit without the benefit of words, whilst abiding by the universally accepted principles of a 3 minute pop song.

It is certainly an ambitious piece, a brief glance at a few choice song titles; “Point the Gun and Pull the Trigger,” “FATE/CHANCE,” “...End Credits,” serve to illustrate this. Whether it works will be down to the individual experience of the listener, but each and every person who listens to the album will be presented with a musical, elaborate and potentially inspiring experience that attempts to recapture both the magic and possibility of the instrumental album.

'Upon a Painted Ocean' will be availabe in the early months of 2009, keep a weather eye on the horizon...

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