finally! In the studio, (part 1)

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one year on.

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Charisma as natural as gravity.

One night, as I'm standing on LaSalle Street in Chicago, trying to line up a shot for "The Dark Knight," a production assistant skateboards into my line of sight. Silently, I curse the moment that Heath first skated onto our set in full character makeup. I'd fretted about the reaction of Batman fans to a skateboarding Joker, but the actual result was a proliferation of skateboards among the younger crew members. If you'd asked those kids why they had chosen to bring their boards to work, they would have answered honestly that they didn't know. That's real charisma—as invisible and natural as gravity. That's what Heath had.
Heath was bursting with creativity. It was in his every gesture. He once told me that he liked to wait between jobs until he was creatively hungry. Until he needed it again. He brought that attitude to our set every day. There aren't many actors who can make you feel ashamed of how often you complain about doing the best job in the world. Heath was one of them.

One time he and another actor were shooting a complex scene. We had two days to shoot it, and at the end of the first day, they'd really found something and Heath was worried that he might not have it if we stopped. He wanted to carry on and finish. It's tough to ask the crew to work late when we all know there's plenty of time to finish the next day. But everyone seemed to understand that Heath had something special and that we had to capture it before it disappeared. Months later, I learned that as Heath left the set that night, he quietly thanked each crew member for working late. Quietly. Not trying to make a point, just grateful for the chance to create that they'd given him.
Those nights on the streets of Chicago were filled with stunts. These can be boring times for an actor, but Heath was fascinated, eagerly accepting our invitation to ride in the camera car as we chased vehicles through movie traffic—not just for the thrill ride, but to be a part of it. Of everything. He'd brought his laptop along in the car, and we had a high-speed screening of two of his works-in-progress: short films he'd made that were exciting and haunting. Their exuberance made me feel jaded and leaden. I've never felt as old as I did watching Heath explore his talents. That night I made him an offer—knowing he wouldn't take me up on it—that he should feel free to come by the set when he had a night off so he could see what we were up to.
When you get into the edit suite after shooting a movie, you feel a responsibility to an actor who has trusted you, and Heath gave us everything. As we started my cut, I would wonder about each take we chose, each trim we made. I would visualize the screening where we'd have to show him the finished film—sitting three or four rows behind him, watching the movements of his head for clues to what he was thinking about what we'd done with all that he'd given us. Now that screening will never be real. I see him every day in my edit suite. I study his face, his voice. And I miss him terribly.Back on LaSalle Street, I turn to my assistant director and I tell him to clear the skateboarding kid out of my line of sight when I realize—it's Heath, woolly hat pulled low over his eyes, here on his night off to take me up on my offer. I can't help but smile.

Christopher Nolan.

idle ships, painted oceans....

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So Obama fever is still RIFE here, meaning I'm still inspired to BLOG ACTUAL WORDS so I shall spend a cheeky few minutes at work writing this, SHHHHH DON'T TELL!

Recording guitars tomorrow a la ranch for the penultimate song on the album. For those of you keeping score (anyone?!?) this is ONE of the songs on the cd that features Max Bemis of Say Anything and Two Tongues. Exciting, no?! I shall be video-ing a few little snippets of the "action" to post here at some point in the not too distant future.

Working on some artwork ideas, and exciting ways to introduce this album to the world. (If such a thing is possible). Oh and I set up a twitter too, but I don't understand it yet...


obama, the internet and the world at large...

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yo whatsup?

Long time no update. Blame that beta version of internet explorer 8 I wish I'd never gone near... (credit crunch = no apple mac attack, for now...)

Anyways, internet people are a strange breed, and by internet people I mean those that frequent certain forums - and "critique" everything that comes their way. Their dedication is inspiring, the words are not. "all press is good press kids..." TMc.


So quit your monkeying around, any talk is better than no talk. I think.

Watching Obama today has inspired me to (try) and write more. The man is incredible, the biggest draw on planet earth right now, and I hope he can keep it up. LEGENDS are made and we are witnessing history every day. 





My album is nearing completion every so slightly every day. I'm sorry it has taken so long (if there is anyone who may be waiting for it...). We're still trying to make it as good as possible. I'll write more closer to when people will actually be able to hear it. HOWEVER, there will be updates, images, sounds, and videos in the not too distant future somewhere down the pipeline of mystery.

The end is near, soon...

all american reject.

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"I like your style."
"I like your moves."

why so serious?

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and.... why so serious?

future plans.

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"I'm not good at future planning. I don't plan at all. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. I completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future."

Heath Ledger.

The Joker

all part of the plan

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It's a green, day.

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“It’s amazing how much you can get done when you don’t tell anyone you’re working.”
Billie Joe Armstrong, 2008.


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