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Posted by Rob Johnson ((Music)) in we recorded 1/2 of the oldest song that is going to be on the record. It is called "maimed titles". I wrote it almost exactly 3 years ago - when I worked at a summer camp in Boston, and used to have to play guitar to get the kids to sleep at night, haha. True story. So anyways, over the years it has evolved into what we got down today (in 13 takes or less). At one point it was going to be a song for my band but that never transpired (infact I have a whole ep of badass forward songs written that haven't been recorded yet - one day...). This song more than any other on the album has a tubular bells vibe around it and it's coming together real good. Hopefully tomorrow we can finish that badboy and its 3 year upbringing will be laid to rest. "That's whatsup."

Also today my good friend Sebastian Kraus came and took some wicked shots of us hard at work - y'all need to check out his photography at cos it's sweet!
So thats all for now, the album is bakin' and I am really fucking happy with it.

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