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Posted by Rob Johnson ((Music))

...we finished the first 3 songs on the album.
That's right, fuckerz! Only 12 more to go... For anyone that cares track 1 is 53 seconds long. DONE, track 2 is where it kicks off and track 3 kinda slows it back down again and sets the mood and tone for the record. It is designed to ignite IMAGERY within your minds minds mind, I hope it does. Tom Ray has heard it and so has the G as they are going to be guesting on it in some way or another. There are a couple of other guests but I'm keeping that under wraps for the time being.....

...I played an open mic night for the first time. Ta dah....

It was pretty cool, and people seemed to like the new stuff. For your consideration I played these songs;

Nightmares (forward), point the gun, monster, in cahoots and jaws (forward).
(some of those songs can be heard here. I'm definitely gonna play at things like this many many more times in the future - so if anyone's interested keep them eyes peeled, savvy?

...I watched Iron Man,
I'd give it a 3.5/5, but I could hardly hear half of it because of the fucking shitty sound at my local cinema (THAT I USED TO WORK AT), but Downey Jr is the shit in that movie, it got a little nuts super quickly and I don't get why Favreau stuck himself in it only to say nothing, but he made made, swingers and elf so he knows what he's doing. AND tom morello was in it - so that automatically makes it cooler in my book.

I also got gta4 and played it for about 20 minutes...
Peace out!

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