"have a little.... patience"

Posted by Rob Johnson ((Music))

So I am learning that one of the most frustrating aspects of making an album
Since I have been sitting on this piece of (completed) music for about a month now it's not that bad - but when some parts of it have been floating around in my head (amidst not much else) it can get a little crowded up there - I just want to get it all out. UNfortunatley that is not possible, and I know that now it has time to BREATH within the studio environment that is nothing but good news for the finished piece, but DAMN, time takes its time. When all you have is ideas and music floating around your head it becomes all you want, need or are interested in and consequently everything else falls to the wayside. I am sleeping and dreaming this fucking cd. My heart beats at 108bpm (which incidently is the speed of tracks 2, 4, and 15 - and no that has nothing to do with lost - or does it>>>?), and I hear the guitars to tracks 7 and 8 whilst dreaming of the cloverfield monster. I have heard what I am trying to create a thousand times or more, and can only hope that the finished article will transmit some of the essence of what went into it. Rest assured that what we are creating is being nit-picked, analysed and thought through within an inch of its life... Whether this is a good thing or bad thing remains to be seen, but the longer I am sitting on it the more ideas I have, thus the more I want to change and the more this unruly sea beast rears its ugly head upon all those unfortunate enough to be involved. My only hope for the future is that somewhere, someone will listen and take note. That is all I can ask for and I will ask no more. I will just try my very best to create the best fucking noise that I can and hope that someone listens. Thank you.

"Are you out of your mind?
You dug yourself into a liar's hole
You made a little spark to live inside
It's now a fucking fire out of control."

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