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This album is INCREDIBLE;
Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
KRISS KROSS- Making a whistling keyboard sound for the end of song out of my girlfriend's voice. Sampling could form its own church as far as I'm concerned. You can make a sound out of ANYTHING. ANYTHING..
BIG DOG- Channelling the spirit of George Michael whilst recording the vocals; subsequently having to remove one squeal that sounded a bit like Michael Jackson being startled by a dog, but nowhere near as good.
FALLING OUT OF REACH- Arista recording the bass whilst sat on the lap of a hugely excited teddy bear, well, lion really, called Leo, who lives in our studio and has had a crush on Arista for a long time. He gradually began to do more than just sit. You could tell he was bricking it but he did his best to act cool. It's all been filmed.
GET OVER IT- Driving around London at 3 in the morning with Adam, who recorded the album, playing the song stupidly loud and doing in-seat dance actions that were somewhere between Victor Meldrew, road rage, and Animal from the Muppets.
CLARION- Finally getting to have a pipa on a track of ours. I am obsessed with the sound of the pipa. It's a Chinese mandolin and kind of sound like Studio Ghibli movies look.
LAST KISS- Being away for a few days, coming back and hearing this track which seemed to have come out of nowhere. Greig had recorded the drums on his computer with two microphones. This is the way forward.
COCKATEELS- Finally getting to play disco guitar on something. I did it when no-one was looking.
WORDS- Asking the brass and wind players who had come in to improvise around a few notes for the end of the song, expecting it to be a little effect that would last a few seconds, and hearing them make this beautiful cloudy sort of noise that I could listen to for hours.
STANDING ON THE LAST STAR- The intensely divisive nature of Greig Stewart's Ping-Pong Beat. It caused arguments. It nearly caused wars. It used to be in before the start of the song but we got rid of it. Which I think was the right thing to do. Having said that, I am a firm supporter and believer in Greig Stewart's Ping-Pong Beat. Amen.
DON'T LOOK DOWN- Getting Christopher Cundy to come down from Cheltenham to, essentially, impersonate a foghorn at the start of the song.
TAKE ME HOME- Magrao somehow managing to make a guitar sound like stars disintegrating. Well I think that's what it sounds like anyway. It's the last thing you hear on the record and one of my favourite sounds ever.And then it was done, it was in the shops, and the world spun once more on its axis.
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